Maréchal Foch 2014

VQA describes Marechal Foch (pronounced "MAR-e-SHALL-fosh) as Fruity, Raspberry, Cherry, Smokey, Caramel and Butterscotch.

French plant breeder Eugene Kuhlmann (1858-1932) was the creator of this and of several other hybrid varieties, most of which now have been phased out of vineyards in France and North America. The variety is named for a French hero Of World War One, Marshall Ferdinand Foch, commander in chief of the Allied armies in 1918 (An apparent admirer of French leaders, Kuhlmann also created another blood-red variety that was named Léon Millot after the prime minister.)

Like the other hybridizers of his day, Kuhlmann created new varieties by crossing native American vines with European vines in a search for productive and disease-resistant varieties. The comparison to Burgundy, which is made with Pinot Noir, may be have been inspired by the vaguely similar earth aromas and smoky note in the finish of a Maréchal Foch wine.

Other flavours include plums and spice. Masson thought the wine aged well. It depends on the style: most are made to be enjoyed when released with only a rare one crafted for long-term cellaring.

A Bronze medal winner at the Fall Okanagan Wine Festival in 2010, this wine is the preferred choice. Enjoy it soon!!

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